killer Diet Pill Is Bad For Weight Loss In Plymouth

Clearly, any¬†killer diet pill is bad for weight loss in Plymouth, or indeed anywhere, and as part of our ongoing battle against quick fix weight loss solutions we thought we’d make you aware of the following…

Recently the Weight Loss world has been rocked by the influx of DEADLY diet pills which can “microwave the body from the inside”!

Websites selling the diet pills are being shut down as quickly as five a day however the rising demand for quick fix weight loss solutions means that new web sites are being launched all the time.

According to the Daily Mail, in 2015, local councils are reported to have seized more than 240,000 illegal slimming pills. The haul includes the highly toxic fat burning chemical DNP! DNP is reported to responsible for five UK deaths in 2015 and more than 60 worldwide.

Originally used in munitions production, dinitrophenol, caused workers in French factories to lose weight, become fatigued, sweat excessively and have high body temperatures. Unfortunately, unscrupulous drug firms embraced the weight loss benefits of DNP and in the thirties, thousands of people took the drug.

Over time, side effects began to emerge and deaths occurred including the death of one man who is reported to have literally cooked to death!. DNP was designated as extremely dangerous and not fit for human consumption in 1938 and it’s use as a weight loss aid ceased.

Nicholas Bachynsky was a Russian born doctor who promoted the use of DNP in the Russian military, mainly to keep soldiers warm! Bachynsky became very very rich in the 1980’s when he set up clinics across the southern US which used DNP as the base for weight loss treatments. As more and more people used the drug, the complaints of side effects grew and eventually, in 1986, an injunction by the FDA prevented Bachynsky from using DNP. Actually, he didn’t stop using the drug in his weight loss treatments until he was convicted of insurance fraud and sent to prison.

Whilst in prison, Bachynsky met Dan Duchaine the “steroid guru”. Duchaine had been jailed for the illegal selling of steroids used in body building. When he was released from prison in the late nineties, Duchaine started to promote the use of DNP to the body building community as the “king of the fat-loss drugs” and history started to repeat itself.

Fast forward to the present day and DNP is easily available via the internet. As a result it widely used without supervision or indeed, regulation. Reports of side effects and deaths are rising but the ease of access to the drug and the fact that it promises rapid fat-loss without any exercise or lifestyle change mean that Local Government Associations have made the call for tougher penalties, hopefully far more than the two year sentence currently available to the justice system.

Obviously, Weight Loss Plymouth only promotes healthy weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle. There are no quick fixes to long term, sustainable weight loss…

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