Diet Pill For Weight Loss In Plymouth

Recently, on morning TV, they have been discussing the new weight loss diet pill which will be on trial in under a years time!

Frankly, myself and other weight loss professionals, think this is the LAST THING YOU NEED!

With obesity costing upwards of £6bn a year there has been a push to find a kind of WEIGHT LOSS QUICK FIX and it is believed this pill will trick your body into thinking you are full by releasing chemical signals to your brain. But why would you want to pump your body full of chemicals on a daily basis to stop you eating? THIS IS MADNESS!

Clean nutrition, cooking from scratch is the key to balancing hormones not calories and chemicals! It is about empowering people with the right information NOT big pharmaceuticals companies making more BILLIONS off the back of people struggling with obesity issues – the only winner here is, you guessed it…BIG PHARMACIES!

Yet another pill is the VERY LAST thing thing the human race needs;

We need to get off sugar!! SIMPLE!

Focus on 3 meals, loads of veggie and local produce that is not sprayed with pesticides and pumped with hormones and definitely not another PILL!

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